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Dadub Studio is specialised since over a decade in Audio Mastering, Mixing & Music Production.

Experience, attention to details and customers care
are among our distinctive characteristics.


  • Digital Format
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Ambisonics, Binaural
  • Vinyl
  • Cassette
  • CD Mastering & DPP
  • Remastering

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Stem Mastering
  • To not be confused with Mixing, Stem Mastering allows a more precise final result than Mastering
  • In the Box: Digital Sum
  • Outboard: on SSL or AUDIENT Mixer

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  • Mix In The Box, Digital
  • Outboard Mix, on SSL or AUDIENT Mixer

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Teaching / Consultancy

Please get in touch with the studio to discuss further details:

Dadub Studio is also about sharing knowledge. Daniele Antezza has been involved as teacher into many international Master Classes, sharing his approach in audio engineering and music production.
So, we are available for:

  • Lessons to classes of at least 3 people, in person or streaming
  • Individual lessons, streaming
  • Any kind of consultancy for Mix & Mastering



Daniele Antezza

Daniele Antezza, member of the internationally acclaimed Dadub duo, is a Mastering Engineer and Music Producer.
After having co-founded Artefacts Mastering in 2010, he launches his own Dadub Studio in 2017.

Across the last decade, Daniele has had the chance to work for a quite conspicuous number of artists, music labels and events, which has allowed him to develop great experience and to constantly improve his approach as Engineer, Music Producer and Teacher of Audio Technologies.

Thanks to his projects, Antezza managed to create his own blend of Audio Mastering, which is mostly characterised by depth, power, attention to details and furthermore, by a particular sensitivity in taking into account the tracks’ aesthetic: being himself a professional music producer, Daniele is well aware of how precious and important a piece of music is to the artists and how crucial is the communicative side of music.

Studio Equipment


Our Room has been carefully and professionally realized by the Acoustic Engineer Serafino Di Rosario.

Tuned Bass Traps, Helmholz Resonators and a customized Diffusion System allow us a neat and precise monitoring of the sonic material we deal with.



PMC and HEDDphones for Mastering.

Audiofilia snc, EPA System, Dynaudio and HEDDphones for Mixing.


We use a hybrid Hardware-Software chain for Mastering.

AUDIENT and SSL consoles for Analog Sum.

Feel free to get in contact with us for further tech details.


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Read how to prepare your files for MASTERING and how to prepare your files for STEM MASTER or MIX.


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